Saturday, July 27, 2013

Part 2 of The Making of the Mercury Space Suit Helmet

After a nice bit of work with the production of Moonfleet for Sky, I'm getting a chance to finish this post!
I popped the others out of the mould and naturally they needed a little cleaning up and some filling and sanding. And painting with filler/primer and sanding and painting with primer.

Also to be done were the pivots for the visors. I did them up on the lathe with a slight dome for a nice reflection. Also those little PVC bushes.

I did up the neck rings on my CNC router. Here is a picture of it just cut. Many times doing things by hand is quicker than cncing but in this case it would have been a nightmare. This is 2mm aluminium.

Then the acrylic dome arrived from the UK. I managed to get two helmets from one dome. The visor was by far the trickiest part of the helmet.
The problem was a chicken and egg syndrome. I couldn't make up the components untill I had a pivot point on the helmet to align them to but I couldn't mark the pivot points without making up the visor. So I assembled a visor and taped all the parts together. Did a temporary mark and gradually assenbled the parts constantly rechecking the fit and position. I'm sure all this would be very easy with CAD...

 Then a paint job. The paint needed 3 coats. It was very transparent unfortunatly. Also two coats of clear gloss.I let that dry over night.

 Then it was just a case of making up a few more gubbins and perminantly assembling all the bits and fixing them off, some with nuts and some body filler.
I was very happy with the end result, so was my client!


  1. This is awesome! Where'd you get the domes from??

  2. The clear acrylic domes came from a supplier in the UK. they are easy enough to find from display suppliers or acrylic fabricators. The name of the company escapes me right now... thanks for the comment!

  3. I got the dome from "Project Plastics" in the UK. Cheers