Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bricklane Sign on the CNC.

I was in London the other day and visited Brick Lane.  It was fresh in my mind when I needed to do another sample on the CNC router.
So a London Street sign it was!
I worked from a reference photo from the net and drew up a CAD file.  

The sign is all made of foam PVC scraps. Two different brands which cut very differently.(Settings were 8k RPM at 1500mm/min cutting with a 1/8 O flute bit at 6mm per pass.)

 It was all glued together and a primer applied. I then added a texture layer of white emulsion paint with artex filler. This was stippled on and allowed to dry.

 Here is the sign with letters blackened and an ageing dirt wash(or two) applied. Which was a vey watery mix of black,white and burnt umber.

And here is the finished piece with nails and rust applied.(I know, I forgot to paint the E.I.!) 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

CNC router test cut

I did an interesting routing test with my new CNC router today . It has a 600 X 900mm cutting area, by 70mm high.
The object of this test was to go from a printed line drawing to a 3d cut shape.

I stared by browsing through a beautiful book on Celtic art.
I found a nice interlaced dog pattern redrawn from Lindisfarn Gospels. I photographed this page and converted it from a raster image to a vector. It involved a lot of editing of the image in order to get it ready for the CAM software.
Then the magic happens. The CAM software generates a toolpath which is fed to the machine control software and then to the router itself. After sometime and mess of dust and woodchips...
This piece is 50cm long.