Tuesday, June 9, 2015

From virtual to actual!

Iron Lenin Rusty
3d CNC sculpture of Lenin in a rust finish

This is just an example of one of the many uses for the cnc router.

Before I start, I need to say that I have no political interest in Lenin. Nor do I think there is any excuses for the atrocities committed during his time in power.

The reason behind this choice of model is 3 fold. 1. It was a free download! 2. I quite like the blocky style. 3.This is a legitimate film prop regardless of the nasty history, and I am only a prop maker!
3D CAD model of head
Thingverse Model of Lenin

This prop began its life as a real sculpture, I believe. Its was captured with photogammetry and the resulting mesh was uploaded to the internet and made available to the public. I downloaded the .stl model and chopped the model into several virtual slices. Each slice was 50mm thick, the same thickness as was available as standard in XPS polystyrene, which was my material of choice.

Lenin bust cnc router
CNC router cutting a face

This is the first couple of slices just as they came out of the router. The head consisted of 5 layers in total, 2 back and 3 front. 
I PU glued the slices together and did a little sanding on the surface. The brown stuff is lightweight filler. I was looking for a filler that would have a low density so it would sand at a similar rate to the XPS. This filler is still quite tough once cured but worked ok for this.

50mm xps with filler
Layers assembled and with some filler applied

Retrospectively, I should have filled the diagonal grooves in the face a little. The router bit got clogged in the middle of the cut and left those grooves. Pity.
prop sculpture with reactive paint rust
Reactive paint layer

I decided to go for a rusty iron finish on this instead of bronze. I have a posting of how to do the DIY reactive paint here. I love the industrial quality of it and the weight it seems to have.

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